Interested in preforming? Contact Steven Lloyd.

Here is the list of this year's performers:

We will be starting the evning with an open mic portion where we will see some of the following (and maybe more):

  • Sherry Lumsden
  • Daisy Swain
  • The Pegg Sisters
  • Travis Colley

Ross Watson and Tim Leacock will be proving sound support over the evening!

Doug Waite

Doug Waite and Friends

Doug Waite will be rounding up a couple of his many musical pals.

Doug Waite started playing guitar at age 15, and first heard surf music the following year in his high school guitar club, where his language arts teacher, Mr. Leopard, showed him the classic surf tune Pipeline, and explained the term 'reverRRRb'. Doug still sings Land-Locked Surfer, one of his first original songs lamenting the life of a surfer living in southern Alberta. Doug's songs have been played on CBC and CKUA, as well as having numerous songs reach top 10 playlists at university and college radio all across Canada. Doug has studied the Kodaly method of music education at the U. of Calgary, and has taught guitar at Mount Royal University’s Conservatory of Music.

3 Gurgitators

3 Gurgitators (Tony/ Mike Swain, Rob Pearce)

They regurgitate others music - thus the name.

Mike Swain and Rob Pearce met at Hector in 1977 when they were the PIT Canoe and Horse Trippers.

Between trips they started playing guitar together. When Mike's "little" brother Tony started playing bass the 3Gurgitators were formed.

Tim Leacock

Tim Leacock

Tim Leacock has played in bands including The Co-Dependents, National Dust, Beautiful Joe and The Burners. Tim worked at camp in the 80's and married his camp sweetheart!

This fundraiser is possible because of Tim's initial involvement to bring this event to the city and the Ironwood!

Website:Tim's FB page


Back up Blues Band (BUBB)

The Back Up Blues Band started in keyboard player Dan Larsen's basement. The band's name arises from a messy sewer drain blockage that flooded the jam space and led to a nasty haz mat cleanup.

Mike Good is a CCH alumni from the 80's, he instructed kayaking and canoeing and worked in the Outtripping Centre. He plays guitar and sings. He's a teacher and also founded the National Music Centre's Guitar Club for teens.

Jeff Nazarchuk is also a CCH alumni of the 80's. He worked as a Wilderness counselor. Jeff is a geologist with a keen interest in mountaineering that has taken him to the summits in many great ranges around the world.

Pat Walling is the drummer. Pat and Mike met in junior high and have been jamming ever since. Pat's a long time meat cutter and an avid car buff. He drives a sweet Formula Firebird just like the one Jim Rockford drove!

Travis Colley plays bass in the band. Travis is an "all around" talented guy. You will see his art in the auction (he is responsible for our poster art too). He has sat on the MiM committee and is a long-associated CCH guy!

Finally Dan Larsen plays keys. Dan has his own law firm and has practiced in Calgary for many years. Dan seems to have a hand in everything. Music, motor sports, mountaineering, yoga and spin. He will soon be heading to Alaska for an attempt on Denali.

Ross Watson

Ross Watson

After playing drums for many years for people like Billy Cowsill and Beautiful Joe and one-offs with Bo-Didley and Nick Lowe, Ross picked up the bass in '04 and has been a player in many roots bands around Calgary including Cam Penner, Matt Masters, and Deep Field South. He has many years of touring experience and has played on over 30 cd's since the mid-'90's.

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